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2009 Movie of the Year

With such movies as Avatar, Transformers 2 and Watchmen out last year, my pick for movie of the year 2009, is….drumroll please.

District 9. If someone tells you that this movie sucks, I can guarantee you that they probably list that %ucknuts movie Forrest Gump as their favorite. District 9.End of line.


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4 good guys unemployed

kinda out of the “blog” blue, it is a dark day for the rebellion as we have lost four fine young men to this recession. The 1st young man goes by the name HellBoy, and he is the hardest working no jive talkin asset known to this universe. The 2nd goes by Jedi Gore, an ambitious firecracker that covers your back and aint afraid to tell you. The 3rd solider is, a known blogger here at WordPress, pooperman, dont let the name fool you my friends, this guy is pure shakespeare and he knows it, he will tell you the opposite cause he knows better. Oh man here we go, my 4th ally is the baby of the bunch and is better known as nasty nate. This guy will dissect information faster than the millennium falcon traveling the Kessel run, lol. They will be missed, until the next battle my friends. End of line.

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Avatar 1, my Eyes 0

Was lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the 16min 3D footage. Loved it. Thanks James. End of Line.

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Transformers 2

Loved it.End of Line.

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EGM coming Back.

News just came out, that previous owner of Electronic Gaming Monthly a recently defunct mag, is looking to start the mag back up. I can only say, bring it back soon. Now if we can only get Cinescape and Omni back, then maybe print is not dead. End of line.

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I watch the Watchmen!!

Thank you Zach and team, you have made a movie of Blade Runner porportions. I knew going in that the movie was not a “average joe” flick, and frankly, thank God. Klytus grade, 4.9 out of 5. Fuck all the haters, I will surley follow Zach’s future films, again thanks  to all involved for keeping it real, lol. End of Line.

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Clone Wars making the grade!!

Clone wars watched, have I. As old master Yoda would say, do or do not, there is no try and with this statement, I declare Star Wars The Clone Wars as old school Sci-Fi with a modern twist. This is essential in Lucas’  long term goal of bringing Star Wars to live action T.V. I have been pleasantly surprised by the series so far, the animation works conveying a ” Saturday morning serial”, seat of your pants story. Hell, old Klytus was about to go ballistic when, “coming next week Jar Jar binks”, blared on my THX plasma and I almost frowned on a prospect of a jar jar episode. But I tell no lies, it worked and all the fun of Star Wars is back. Keep an eye out.End of line.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still..and Sucked!!!

It seems like only yesterday that old Klytus, here was waxing nostalgia about this flick. And now after previews and sneak shorts of the flick, I am actually looking forward to this movie. I will review this, yes I will.

Review time, OMG, nanoGORTS, Lame..End of Line..

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I Voted, bitches…

Old Klytus has officially voted and my Vote belongs to Obama. End of line.

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South Park sucks!!

Fuck South Park, these guys really think they have a free ticket to rail on anyone or anything. I guess the last straw for them was the Lucas, Indy rape scene, really poor taste. Do you really think any one gives a shit about your stupid show anymore. You, south park creators, will never ever reach the level that Mr. Lucas has attained, typical shit from hacks, that hopefully get canned. Your movies suck and cannot or will not ever reach the level of genius that even Phantom Menace strived for, Team America, SHIT SHIT, South park, shit and going down fast. End of line.

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